How to lose weight without dieting – 10 practical tips

That is a fact proven by science: willpower only is not effective to maintain lifestyle changes like a strict diet. Willpower can be exhausted when it is used too much. The best way to lose weight durably is to have the feeling to make very little effort. Hence, here are 10 practical tips to lose weight without dieting… or at least to limit the quantity of effort put into a diet. I have tried them all and they work!

Tip 1 – Do not buy cookies, chips and other fat, sweet and salty snacks

It may seem obvious but it is very difficult to resist the temptation to snack when there are lots of sweets and cookies at home or in the office. I am not against snacking, but it is of course better to have healthy snacks.

As far as I am concerned, I like to snack berries, grapes, almonds with dried fruits, pumpkin seeds that I toast in a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil and salt, homemade chocolate, and banana cookies without sugar, etc.

Tip 2 – Do your groceries with a full stomach

Imagine yourself in a supermarket with an empty stomach. Will you go to the zucchinis and eggplants first, or to the chips and chocolate cookies area?

Doing groceries with a full stomach is the best way not to be tempted to buy fat and sweet food.

Tip 3 – Cook your own dishes and freeze the leftovers in individual portions

Cooking makes us aware of the quantities of fat, sugar, and salt that the dishes contain. On top of that, homemade dishes are more healthy and without additives!

It may not be realistic to cook all of our daily dishes when we have a full-time job. This would require time and effort. Therefore, I recommend cooking bigger quantities of food and freezing the leftovers. It is healthier to eat our own unfrozen dishes than the supermarket food.

Tip 4 – If you do not have the opportunity to freeze your dishes, cook smaller quantities

If you are cooking your favorite dish (e.g. a brownie or a bowl of mac and cheese), prepare a small quantity. By doing so, you will not be tempted to finish the dish (as you obviously do not like to waste food, do you? 😉

Moreover, serve your dishes on small plates instead of big ones. You will have the feeling that your plate is very full but the food quantity will be lower.

Tip 5 – When you are really hungry, start by eating food that is low in calories to fill up your stomach

To these moments where you are so hungry that you get aggressive… Start by eating fruits, salad, or drink a big glass of water to fill up your stomach. In such kind of hunger situation, we are of course more tempted to fill it up with fat, sweet or salty food. But don’t, as you may eat too much and too fast.

When your stomach is partially full, it becomes easier to control your binge eating habits.

Tip 6 – When the situation allows, put on your sport clothes, even if you have not planned any workout

Does the idea of changing clothes stop you from exercising? If you are at home the whole day, wear your sports clothes, just in case. When you come back from work, wear your sports clothes as well. By doing so, it will be easier to get motivated to do just a few minutes of workout.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to practice yoga or another physical activity at home while wearing pajamas. Sportwear is not a rule set in stone in order to lose weight without dieting!

Tip 7 – Do not set the bar too high in term of goals

Have you ever thought: “it is one hour of sport or nothing”? I invite you to change that thinking pattern. Instead, tell yourself: “I will go out and walk for just 5 minutes”, “I will do two rounds of sun salutation” or “just 10 crunches”. You will be surprised to realize that once you start, you most of the time end up doing more than what you had planned.

Tip 8 – Do not think too much and act now

When you start asking yourself “do I really feel like exercising today?”, you will inevitably find a good excuse not to (I cannot, I need to wash the glass in the sink). You may also postpone the practice and end up not doing anything. This still happens to me from time to time.

The key to work out is not to think too much about it and to do it automatically. I find it much easier to apply this principle when I attend group classes in a yoga studio than when I do it alone at home.

Tip 9 – Tape some motivational notes on your fridge and bathroom mirror

Here are examples: “I have the courage to do 2 rounds of sun salutations every day”, “I am proud to take control of my health and wellbeing”, “I am energetic and healthy”. These notes will motivate you on a daily basis and remind you why you are making these lifestyle changes.

Tip 10 – Congratulate yourself for every small lifestyle change that you implement

Every new action, be it food-related, behavior-related, or sport-related, deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. For each big step made, let’s say your first 10 yoga classes, for example, offer yourself a gift that is worth the goal achieved. For example, get yourself some leggings with pineapples and watermelons on them. 🙂

Lifestyle changes come from the sum of small actions. Every single small action implemented in your daily life is important. This is what will lead you to lose weight without dieting, and to achieve many other life goals!

Another scientifically proved technique to lose weight without dieting is mindful eating. To know more about this technique, I invite you to read the following article: how to practice mindful eating | 8 principles.

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