changing life with yoga and psychology

How to change my life with Yoga and Psychology

Let me tell you the story of how I changed my life

In 2017, while I was leading a rather standard life as an internal auditor in Hong Kong, I randomly started taking yoga classes. A resident of the building I was living in offered yoga classes within the building and at a cheap price. The goal was clear: becoming more flexible in order to touch my toes with my hands while keeping my legs straight. No more, no less. That was supposed to end here. Two years later, I decided to change my life.

Not only was I able to touch my toes, but I could also place my hands flat on the floor. More importantly, I quit my job as an internal auditor to move to Thailand with the love of my life where I became a yoga teacher. Within a few years, I changed my professional, personal, and love life and I moved to the other side of the world. I do not regret anything. On the contrary, I could not be happier! WHAT HAPPENED?

Yoga, more beneficial for my health than a visit to Lourdes

Unexpected life-changing miracles happened shortly after starting practicing yoga:

  • 2 months later, my back pain was gone
  • 1 year later, my hormonal imbalances were old history
  • After 1,5 year, I had lost the 7kgs I had gained since living in Hong Kong. It appears that replacing daily after work drinks by yoga classes may have influenced the weigh loss process. I guess it is never too late to learn such kind of thing…
  • After 2 years, and following some deeper lifestyle changes, I got rid of most of the symptoms of 2 auto-immune diseases. One of them would, according to doctors, not be cured (digestive track inflammation) and the other one was supposed to get worse with time (endometriosis).

Yoga also had a beneficial effect on my mental health. I started to manage my stress better, mainly thanks to breathing techniques. Some yoga classes helped me to unlock some emotions deeply rooted in my body. For instance, it happened once that I started crying while doing the corpse pose (‘savasana’).  In my defense, the fact that it is called ‘corpse pose’ did not really help to have a blast. Once the tears were gone, I was feeling lighter, free from a weight I could never really identify.

In a word, yoga helped me get better, physically and mentally. Despite all this, some issues and dissatisfaction of my life still seemed to meet a dead-end.

Savasana or corpse pose

Psychology, more efficient than a vodka-lemon shot to change my life

I have always been interested in psychology. That’s why I got a bachelor’s in clinical psychology in France and a certificate in Life Coaching in Hong Kong. I have also been into personal development books. Even though personal development books helped me to some extent, they never triggered a major life change for me. Something would systematically stop me, mainly fears. And this is because I am the kind of girl who is extremely talented at tying unwanted knots in my brain! While life could be simple, I would find a way to make it difficult.

Twice in my life, I received support from psychologists during a short period of time (6 months). The first time was a few years back while I was unhappy in my personal life. The second time was in Hong Kong while I was unhappy about my professional life. Each time, I felt hopeless as I could not implement any kind of significant and meaningful change in my life. In fact, results went far beyond expectations.

The first time, I initiated deep changes in my personal life (I dumped everything). In the second case, I initiated deep changes in my professional life (I dumped everything). These are amongst the best things that ever happened to me!

Yoga and psychology = the best recipe to change my life

With the risk of sounding boring, I do not think that ‘dumping everything’ is the solution to every problem. It worked for me, but I would not recommend it to everybody. However, what I would recommend to anyone is to work on body AND mind/ psyche to transform one’s life, or just to make it a bit more beautiful.

Over the past years, I tried some techniques based on yoga, psychology, and traditional medicines (Indian and Chinese) to improve my health and happiness. They helped me to unlock some emotions deeply rooted into my body and to untie (a part of) the knots in my brain to finally be in charge of my wellbeing.

Happiness is my new lifestyle!

My body is free of pain and I seldom get sick. I have tremendously lowered the amount of stress related to my professional life and I feel good in my mind. My husband and I live in Thailand and he supports me in everything that I do (a sign that I found the right one!).

The downside of this life change is the financial part. I made very good money while working in Hong Kong. Now, my job as a yoga teacher and life coach in Thailand constitutes a huge salary cut. Dividing my salary by 10 is what we call a “salary cut”, isn’t it? 😉 But if I had to do it again, I would do the same! Every day that passes by, I feel happier and in harmony with myself. And I wish everyone could (finally) experience the benefits of a happy life!

Changing your life: are you up for it?

Via this blog, I am challenging myself and I would like to challenge anybody who is up for it! While relying on the benefits of yoga (its physical and philosophical approach), psychology literature, and traditional health approaches like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, I will share on a weekly basis SIMPLE, CONCRETE, and QUICK SOLUTIONS to improve one’s health and wellbeing. Topics will be as broad as weight loss, back pain, self-confidence, stress, resistance to change, etc. I commit to personally try all the proposed solutions (if not done already) and share my feedback about it. Anybody who would like to follow me in this challenge and share their feedback is welcome!

Namastewhich means “my soul honors your soul”. I told you I became a hippie, didn’t I? 😉

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