About me

Who is behind the blog ‘Yoga et Psychologie’?

That’s me!

If you do not know me yet, I am Laurine and I am French. I created ‘Yoga et Psychologie’ to share my passion for yoga and psychology. I did not make a big effort to find the name of the blog!

Yoga and me

First of all, I have not always liked yoga. I did not understand all these people claiming how relaxed they felt after a yoga class while it can be so uncomfortable to stretch our body when we are not flexible (and that other students are)!

Then, I started enjoying it once I found the yoga style that was good for me and once I found teachers that I liked. I was suddenly doing much better at it and I never stopped practicing since then!

In 2018, I did my first yoga teacher training (Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training) at Anahata Yoga studio in Hong Kong. In 2019, I completed another yoga teacher training (the ‘classic’ multistyle yoga teacher training course) at Sunny Yoga studio in Thailand.

3 years before I could not even touch my toes…

Psychology and me

I studied psychology at University for 4 years before completing an MBA at ESSEC Business School. At the time, I did not feel ready to work as a clinical psychologist and I wanted a corporate professional experience.

I spent 7 beautiful years in the corporate world, mainly in the insurance industry in France and in Hong Kong. And then, while I was living in Hong Kong, I envisioned another career, in Psychology this time.

In 2019, I got an advanced life coaching certificate from the University of Hong Kong. The “psychology” field is not very popular in Asia. Psychologists are the Buddhist monks there!

I am currently completing two French Master’s degrees in Psychology, in order to obtain my Psychologist accreditation. I will be majoring in two different fields: Social and Work Psychology, as well as Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Yoga and Psychology

I did not think I would practice as a yoga teacher, coach or a psychologist in the short term… until this day of March 2020.

In March 2019 I quit my job in Hong Kong to follow the man I loved to Thailand. What was supposed to be a few months career break turned out to be a career change. I started teaching yoga and coaching clients, onsite in Thailand and online!

Here I am today, sharing with whomever is interested, some of the learnings I acquired in yoga and in psychology.

I am of course still in a learning process and I love it! Since I started my own activity, there is not a single day that goes by without me learning about yoga, psychology and so much more!

What I also like…

  • Spending time with my husband (Koene) and our two adopted cats (Fluffy and Sunshine)
  • Reading in the garden or by the pool (we live in Bangkok, there are pools in almost every condo!)
  • Tasting new vegan recipes
  • Singing (loudly) and dancing (with style) when the house is empty
  • Hiking
  • Relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of Thailand, etc.

If you like the blog ‘Yoga et Psychologie’

First of all, THANK YOU! It makes me happy 😊

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Thanks a lot!