A 10-minute yoga sequence for beginners

A yoga sequence for beginners… and for all!

Is it ever too late to implement daily good habits? No, it is not! Today is the perfect day to start. Whether you are a yoga beginner or a more experienced yogi, I would like to introduce a 10-minute yoga sequence for beginners. The goal of this sequence is to stretch the body gently, mainly the neck, shoulders, back, chest, hips, and legs. You will also feel the benefits on your mind for the rest of the day, by being calmer and have better concentration. These stretches work very well whether you practice them in the morning or evening. I am not a beginner anymore but it is one of my favorite morning yoga routines! My body tends to be stiff in the morning and these stretches are ideal to gently wake up the body and mind!

Is a 10-min yoga sequence really efficient?

“Wait a minute, I do not see the point of practicing yoga for only 10 minutes, … It seems much better to spend these 10 minutes in bed to scroll the latest gossip on Facebook and Instagram. I will catch up with 2 hours of yoga next week/ next month/ next year/ never.”

YES, 10 minutes of daily yoga make a difference! There are lots of benefits:

  • Daily stretches make the body more flexible, even after only 10 minutes. You will be surprised to see how quickly your body gets more flexible!
  • Tensions in your neck, back or elsewhere will dissolve progressively.
  • The breathing, which comes together with the yoga poses, is close to a meditation practice. Not only do you stretch your body but you also meditate!
  • Yoga poses have benefits on the digestive, nervous and hormonal system.
  • It is much easier to keep a good habit when it lasts for 10 minutes than when it lasts for an hour!
  • You will have the satisfaction to take care of yourself. And this makes life more beautiful and it boosts self-esteem!

Yoga sequence for beginners: poses and stretches

Here are the 2 options for you today: you can watch the below video, which lasts for 7 minutes. Or you can also create your own yoga sequence with the support of the below pictures. These pictures come from the video, but they do not include all the poses of the video.

Throughout this stretching sequence, take the time to breathe slowly. Not only will you feel calmer but you will also stretch deeper as muscles relax when you breathe out. Feel free to play some music if you like. And if hard rock music helps you to relax, then by all means play some! I also have some unorthodox musical tastes when I practice yoga. See my 2 minutes yoga practice with electro music.

Yoga sequence for beginners – The video (7 minutes)

You can also access the video on my YouTube channel.

Yoga sequence for beginners – Pictures of the stretches

Here are the pictures of the poses. Stay a few seconds in the same pose before changing to another one. Breathe and bring your attention to the stretching sensation in your muscles. Be gentle with your body, do not push yourself too much!

Neck and shoulder stretches

  • Bend your neck the side, look up/ down/ left/ right, then rotate your neck slowly. Keep your shoulders low.
  • Rotate your shoulders to the front and to the back
  • Puppy pose (4th picture) : this pose stretches the shoulders, the upper back and chest

Back and chest stretches

  • From a seated crossed legged position (you can also sit on your heels), side bend (picture 1), forward fold (picture 2) and twist (picture 3)
  • Downward facing dog. This pose stretches your back and legs. To stretch the back muscles more, keep your knees bent and lengthen your spine as much as possible.
  • Cat and cow pose (pictures 5 and 6): from the all fours position, inhale and arch your back, then exhale and hunch your back. Note: to fully experience the pose, you can say “moo” while doing the cow pose and “meow” while doing the cat pose (just kidding 😉

Hip and leg stretches

  • Butterfly pose (picture 1): place the sole of the feet together, and move your knees up and down to open your hips
  • Forward fold (picture below the butterfly pose): stand up with your legs slightly apart, fold forward and grab your elbows. Let the gravity pull you down.
  • Downward-facing dog: paddle your feet left and right to feel the stretch at the back of your legs. You can even try to have both heels closer to the mat.
  • Spider pose: legs are open with the toes pointing outward. Bend your knees. Try to have your buttock and chest parallel to the mat.

Do you fancy a longer practice ?

You have more free time and would like to try a longer sequence? I have what you need! If you enjoyed the incredible benefits of yoga and would like to practice more, I have what you need as well! Have a look at my YouTube channel for all videos. I recommend gentle stretches (20min), a Hatha Yoga class (45min), or a slow yin yoga practice (36min). For more targeted stretches, you may like the yoga stretches for the upper body (neck/ shoulders/ back/ chest-18min) or yoga for lower back pain (7min).


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